Valentine’s Day 2018 #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

I know I am a little late to post this since this year’s Valentine’s Day has passed 2 months back!! I have a reason, and you will know it by the end of this post.

So, this year, just like the former years, I was thinking of ideas to make V special, even though we live miles apart as of now! I googled, checked on Pinterest and finally ended up with the one I saw on Pinterest. It was a very simple project and which does not require much time. Hence it was apt for me with the two kids around. Oh, and I could include both the kids as well, in the project.

All I needed for this project is some craft papers, scissors, a pen and a pencil. Now fold the paper in half, place one of your hands on it in such a way that the index finger and thumb touches the crease of the paper. Now trace the hand and cut it out. Open it up and you will get this.
purpledreamsbynv (1).pngSee how beautiful and simple this card is! I also wrote some Valentine’s Day wishes inside it.

I made not just this one, but 3 in total. One with my hand and the two others with Little N and Baby B’s hands. Those were the cutest, I tell you. See for yourself.
purpledreamsbynv (2).png

I really wanted to design these cards, but I didn’t have much time for all that. With the two kids around, I could do this project only on the 9th of February. I then had to go to the Post Office and then to send it to V’s address who is currently in Amsterdam! Anyhow, I somehow managed to post it on the 12th! I was sure he won’t be getting this within 2 days. But, I never knew it would take 23 days to reach there! Yes, even though I sent it before Valentine’s Day, it reached him the day before Women’s Day, LoL! This is the reason why I delayed this post!

Hope you guys like this simple V-Day card idea. Do try it out adding more to it.



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