10 Parenting Mantras #SuperBloggerChallenge2018


Being a stay-at-home Amma, I do have a lot of time to spend with my kids. But I am not a perfect mom and I know it’s okay to make mistakes. And there are these parenting tips I would like to share with you all, that worked for me. I wasn’t even aware of many of these tips when Little N was a baby and that’s the most important reason why I want to share it here, just to help you, the first-time mommies out there.

Baby-wearing to the rescue

This is something I swear upon myself. If you have already been following my blog, by now you would know how much I love the whole concept of babywearing and how much I owe SOUL SLINGS to make my life easy peasy! 

Extended breastfeeding

I believe in the magic of breast milk aka liquid gold and I’m totally aware of its nutritional values. I strongly believe you should not to deny it to the babies at least he/she turns one year, unless if you lack the supply of breastmilk! In that case, you should definitely go for formula, the best alternative.

Taking cloth diapering to the lead

This is something that I feel proud of myself. Again, I wasn’t aware of it while using diapers for my first-born child! Luckily this time, I got to know the concept of cloth diapering much before Baby B was born and is now using only cloth diapers for her. More on it in a separate post soon (- ish! I swear I have a lot to update).

A combination of BLW and Traditional Weaning

One more to the list, which I missed out to try on Little N! Baby-led-weaning is something you should all try out. If it works fine for you, then it’s best to stick on to it. But as far as I’m concerned, I’m following a combination of both BLW and traditional wear as of now.

A biiiiig NO to gender stereotyping

I agree that I do love to dress up my girls in pretty pink and cute little accessories. At the same time, I like and make them wear tees and trousers and be boyish. We have their brother’s (cousin) t-shirts passed on to us (yes, we do such stuff here and I think it’s simply beautiful) and little N loves wearing those. The colour BLUE (see, colours don’t have gender!!!) is one of my favourites and wearing trousers/pants is Little N’s absolute favourite choice. 

My girls have dolls as well as toy vehicles to play with. Also, I don’t believe that girls are not supposed to do a set of things that boys are supposed to do and vice versa. It’s high time we treat them equally. 

Book-reading sessions

Even though I was aware of the importance of reading books to the kids, I just ignored it when Little N was a baby. I regret that now! But I’m happy I took it up now, better late than never! Little N loves to listen to stories and her current favourite book is ‘Big Sister Dora‘ from BooksforKidsIndia. Even though we don’t get Baby B’s attention while these sessions, we do include her in the sessions.

Independent play-time for kids

This is important for the kids as well as for me (C’mon, who doesn’t love a “me time”!!). Just that I need to have an eye on them and make sure that they both aren’t hurting themselves or each other!

Evening strolls

We love to go out, yes, just the three of us. Currently, we are living with my parents and this place is full of our relatives and the people we know very well. So the kids know them all and are happy to smile at them and wave them all even if they don’t even see…LoL!!

A little bit of screen-time is okay

You want to judge me for this, go ahead and judge!

Just like any other mommy, I also love to completely avoid screen time, if I could. But we all are living in the 21st century and the above said is not applicable at least for me. Yes, I am a REAL MOM and I do allow some screen-time for my toddler girl. I usually don’t give her mobile phones. Instead, I do allow her to watch the TV. Also, I have this Aurodo 4D Pocket Zoo from Aurodo Official which helps to convert the screen time learning time.

It’s better to ask for help when you get bewildered

Luckily I’m now with my parents and hence I have those helping hands. I can ask my parents to take care of the kid/s when I’m really busy with something or the other, or even for some much precious ‘me-time’!



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43 thoughts on “10 Parenting Mantras #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

  1. I am so glad that you have included a no to gender stereotyping. Till date I find girls being forced to play with their doll houses and boys with the cars, I mean come on..let them be..its their choice.

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  2. good tips, all are realistic. The way you try boyish colors for your girl, I also try pink, yellow on my son. There is nothing for boys and for girls. Everything is for both boys and girls. We are working parents so after returning home when he asks for the mobile, sorry 😦 I cant say him no…I did EBF for my kid. I didnt have sufficient milk, I took medicines, I was underweight but I did that for 6 months. Hope it will help him in future.

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  3. Super helpful post for all new parents who are struggling to understand the ABC of parenting. These parenting mantras will be really helpful for them. I swear by babywearing, cloth diapering, BLW, big NO to gender stereotyping and of course the benefits of breastfeeding, at 27 months we are still looking for ways to wean off. 😛

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  4. I agree with allowing them to have free time with themselves. As of now my girls have been acting like they wanted to pull each other’s hair out. So after they finish their team challenge, (Hold hands while they clean their rooms.) they will getting some alone play time.


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