Surviving this Summer with Soul – Part 1



Do you have any idea how the summer hits here in our part of the world? It’s ridiculous!! Right now it’s summer here and it’s unbearable!! We do get occasional rains, but it only increases the humidity and the temperature!!! We sweat like anything even we are inside the house!! Both my kids sweat a lot, hence I had this aversion in using the baby carriers, recently. But knowing the importance of babywearing, I didn’t want to take such a stern decision and so I did a research and made up my mind not to leave the whole idea of babywearing aside, this summer. Wanna know why? Read along.

The heat is real in summer, even if we wear the babies or not. So there is no point in abandoning the whole idea of babywearing just because it is summer! The key is to make the heat less by using the right carrier as well as the right fabric. Each type of carriers and the fabric has its own features. Know it all, and then use the right one which suits you the best. You can even change the way you use the carriers that you already own, to make it easier for summer. Also if you are new to babywearing, do try out the baby carriers and decide which type suits you and your baby the best.

Ring Slings:
Somehow I was more attracted to my Anoona until recently! But Ring slings have become my current favourite. All thanks to the weather here!! Mine is a single layer ring sling, that means there is just one layer fabric to cover the baby thereby allowing plenty of air passage. Trying a hip carry will lessen the body contact which will help in sweating less. Needless to mention the ease of using rings slings, it can be worn and taken off very easily and quickly? I have posted a review of Harmony Ring Sling from SOUL SLINGS, recently. If you haven’t come across it yet, do check that here. I don’t yet own a linen ring sling, which I will be definitely buying soon, just because I believe linen is the best of all fabrics.

Since these carriers don’t have any waistband, the air passage is more with the extra open sides. It is the perfect option for toddlers in summer. Not just the toddler, but the one who carries is going to benefit too. You will feel less wrapped up when you go with the back carry option. PS: Make sure you wear only toddlers in onbuhimo.

Even though wraps are super convenient for both the baby as well as the mother, stretchy wraps are not favoured in summer. Lightweight and airy woven wraps are best for the season. Linen wraps score high here because they are the light, thin and airy. Also, choose a single layer wrap for this season.

Full Buckle Carriers:
I prefer using the Standard Full Buckle Carriers over Anoona in summer. The only reason is that it’s a bit bulky! Or with Anoona, a hip carry would be a great option for the season.

Do you feel the same way that I feel about babywearing? Do check out Soul Slings if so. There are some new arrivals which you are definitely gonna love. By the way, Ring Slings are my favourite of the season. Which is yours?

***Kindly understand that each carrier may work differently for each person and for each baby. Everything that I have stated here is either from the research I did or from my own experience. Also, all the pictures used here are taken from the Soul Website.***



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