Review – Merlot (Linen) Full Buckle carrier by Soul Slings

TRIED AND TESTED! It is a well-known fact that Soul makes the prettiest baby carriers with the most amazing fabrics. This year they have come up with a whole new range of baby carriers, just last week, with the best quality linen! And I was super lucky to host one such carrier - Merlot Full … Continue reading Review – Merlot (Linen) Full Buckle carrier by Soul Slings


Soul Harmony Ring Sling Review

By now you know how much obsessed I am with baby carriers and with the whole concept of babywearing. I am finding the reasons to let the world know more about my new found love. Babywearing is such an addiction. I swear I don't go out without the carrier whenever I take baby B with me. I did try to carry her without the baby carrier, and I had to take out the carrier within 2-3 minutes! It gives such a great comfort.