Be Safe With Babywearing

Hello readers, so in my last blog post, I talked about the many babywearing myths and the truths behind them. So basically, it's all about wearing your baby the right way or rather, the safe way. And that's what made me write this article, to make it a bit more clear. So yes, there will … Continue reading Be Safe With Babywearing


Babywearing Myths..Duh!!

I have been writing blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram posts etc on babywearing and I am happy that I am getting a lot of positive feedbacks and queries regarding the same. And I am totally happy that many are getting inspired by me and have started babywearing. But there are some myths about babywearing and … Continue reading Babywearing Myths..Duh!!

Soul Harmony Ring Sling Review

By now you know how much obsessed I am with baby carriers and with the whole concept of babywearing. I am finding the reasons to let the world know more about my new found love. Babywearing is such an addiction. I swear I don't go out without the carrier whenever I take baby B with me. I did try to carry her without the baby carrier, and I had to take out the carrier within 2-3 minutes! It gives such a great comfort.